Animation & Publication

An interactive experience through both projections and an informative look-book placed in an installation space. The motive of the project is to discuss the change of the country and convey this middle ground of the two generations, that being the old and the new. The book gives a contextual and informative insight as to the development of Qatar economically and socially.

The intended audience for this work were people from outside of Qatar who were interested in seeing the development of the nation, in a pace that was expressive of the rapid momentum of change.


Both formats allow for an educational and experiential experience, as I feel it speaks to all generations in Qatar but specifically serves as a reminder to the newer generation. The intention was to create a 'new' space that people could explore through the experience of the installation.

The Process: Image making using references to the country in various ways, e.g. environmental, societal, cultural, etc.

Animated Projections that work together to create an environment for the viewer.

The title of the project. The emergence of the country, into a world of globalization and change.

A book created to demonstrate the change of the past and present shift within the country.