Hybrid Posters

Copy & Paste


A series of posters that talk about the morale behind being a designer/artist. The goal of this series is to start getting people in the art community to start talking about our interaction with one another, along our journey as artists. There are dark crevices in this creative environment built by people who intentionally take credit for other's work. The goal is to start a conversation about the 'right' way to design.

Riff Off or Rip Off? How far is too far?

Three very different posters talking about ownership and potential theft. 

The First an exhibition to a Jeff Koons exhibition displaying his gazing ball exhibition.

The Second advertising a lecture on copyright for designers to be educated about the legal aspect of design.

The Third a workshop on collaboration, to learn how to work together to make something new.

Magnetic poster. Title can be taken off the base of the poster.

Poster about copyright lecture.

Magnetic images can be rearranged in the poster.